Tamiya 1/350 Japanese Mogami Aircraft Carrying Cruiser


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SKU: Tamiya 78021

This is a 1/350 scale plastic assembly kit of the Japanese Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami. In the latter half of the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy refitted the Mogami to improve her reconnaissance ability. Construction of the Mogami was completed in July 1935, and she was initially armed with five triple 15.5cm main guns. After the withdrawal of the London Naval Treaty, she was refitted with three triple 20.3cm main guns and became a heavy cruiser. In the first half of WWII, she served at the Malayan Operation and the Battle of Sunda Strait. Later at Midway in June 1942, she was heavily damaged by an aircraft bombing raid but was able to return to port. During repairs, she was fitted with an upper deck which could carry 11 aircraft, and ten triple 25mm anti-aircraft batteries were added for defense.

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